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Lily Reiche (CBATI-KA)

At Good Dog Spot we understand that problem behaviors in dogs are not a reflection of their disobedience or stubbornness. Instead, these behaviors often arrive from their inability to fulfill their natural canine needs. At Good Dog Spot we take not only a dog’s unique instincts and drive but also, their past learning experience, genetic predispositions and individual self into consideration when getting to the root of behavior problems.

This way, rather than focusing solely on correcting specific behaviors, we take a more comprehensive and ‘whole-listic’ approach. A whole-listic approach that takes into account the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of the dog. This means looking past problem behaviors and uncovering the underlying causes and motivations that give rise to these behaviors.

During our consultations we will look into any physical discomfort or medical conditions that could be contributing to behavioral issues. We will consider the dog’s mental stimulation and enrichment needs. We will delve into a dog’s past experiences, including any previous training history, trauma or triggering associations and will focus on rebuilding trust and confidence to the dog/owner bond. We will lightly unpack your dog’s genetics and breed selection as each breed carries specific traits that influence behavioral tendencies. We will also assess how social and environmental factors may be motivating problem behavior.

We believe that every dog is capable of positive change and growth. Our approach is rooted in science-based, positive reinforcement and humane training methods. We prioritize the use of reward-based training to encourage desired based behaviors. This approach not only helps in building trust, strengthening the bond between you and your dog, but also promotes long-lasting behavioral change.

Because we recognize the importance of ongoing support and guidance, our behavior consulting services are not limited to a one-time consultation. We offer continued support, follow up sessions, and resources to ensure you have the necessary support throughout your journey.

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Scheduling a consultation is easy:

Scheduling a Consultation Good Spot Dog
Scheduling a Consultation Good Dog Spot

Choose your dog’s specific behavioral category and book your Initial Consultation by clicking on the ‘book now’ button. Fill out the behavior assessment forms. If you are unsure which category your dog fits into send us a message via the ‘contact me’ page and we’ll give you a hand.


Once your appointment has been confirmed the consultant will come to your home at the specified time. You may be contacted prior to your appointment to be given ‘meet-up’ instructions if your dog has stranger danger or is dog-human aggressive.


Once your consultation is completed the consultation will provide you with a follow up report summarizing the material we covered during the appointment and suggesting a comprehensive behavior modification plan.



“Lily is an amazing trainer! I cannot overstate how much she helped my partner and I and our 5 chihuahua. Our dog is a rescue with a sad past and healed traumatic injuries. Needless to say our dog had been nervous and unfriendly around pretty much everyone besides me and my partner. I had been putting off hiring a trainer for three years because I thought I could just read a bunch of dog training books and learn that way. (Spoiler alert: It was not enough). We finally decided to hire a trainer and luckily we found Lily. We bought the 3 session pack and within those three lesson over a few months our dog is happier, more confident, and more friendly. Lily taught us how to see things from our dog’s perspective and helped us change up our routine and adopt some simple new habits. We can actually leave the house for a few hours and our dog remains calm! 100 stars. We’ll definitely be coming back for more check-in sessions in the future.”

— Clara Dykstra

“Lily is a gifted dog trainer and I am privileged to know her. She is knowledgeable, conscientious and kind. She created a comprehensive training program to address our dog’s fear of strangers and anxiety triggers. Lily also provided daily walks to help reinforce this training and explained her methods to us in a clear way. I highly recommend My Dog Spot!”

— Amy M.

“Lily of Walk My Dog Spot is absolutely amazing. I used other trainers to work with my high energy Malinois pup (3 years old), but Lily was the first to come up with very effective solutions to various behavioral issues. She works with dogs on a behavioral level – she’s very intuitive and aware of what dogs need emotionally so they can respond to their environment appropriately. She doesn’t subscribe to the dominance/leader of the pack approach, but works with dogs holistically observing what they require to be ‘good dogs’. She is wonderful with both my dogs and also very easy to work with for us humans too! I highly recommend her training services. My pup is doing so much better with walking on the leash, being near other dogs, staying calm when someone comes to the door, and just in general relaxing into the love bug that he is!”

— Elizabeth Waronker

“Lily has helped us so much. I have a much better UNDERSTANDING of our dogs and their behavior now. We’re using positive methods to train them rather than corrections and our dogs are so much happier. One of our dogs who seemed scared and withdrawn during training when we started has changed so much. Lily taught us to read them better and now he is more engaged and affectionate. He’s smiling, waggy and attention seeking. He’s happy to train, no more running away and even comes in from the backyard when called!!”

— Krista K.