Concept and Words by Elizabeth Weiss   Drawings by Lili Chin   Lili
Words: Sara Owings      Lili 2019
Words by Sarah Owings     Art by Lili Chin     Inspired by THE EMOTIONAL CUP by Upbility
Words by Sara Reusche    Drawings by Lili Chin
Concept by Miki Saito    Drawings by Lili Chin
By Miki Saito    Drawings by Lili Chin


At Good Dog Spot we take dog training to the next level.

Our mission at My Dog Spot is to improve the human-canine bond and to create harmonious living environments in which both you and your dog can thrive. We use positive reinforcement training methods and a compassionate approach to training that allows both you and your dog space and time to learn. We offer a variety of services from Basic Puppy Packages to complex Behavioral cases such as aggression and reactivity.

Our trainers are experts in understanding the intricacies of dog behavior and utilize fear free techniques to help your dog learn and thrive. We believe that every dog has the potential to learn and grow, and it’s our job to help them reach their full potential. We take pride in our commitment to using science-based methods and the latest research to ensure that we’re using the most effective and humane training methods to help your family.


Positive reinforcement-based dog training is a training method that focuses on rewarding dogs for good behavior instead of punishing them for bad behavior. This training method uses treats, toys, and praise to motivate and encourage dogs to learn new skills and behaviors.

The basic principle of positive reinforcement is simple: dogs will repeat behaviors that are rewarded and stop behaviors that are not rewarded. This means that instead of punishing a dog for unwanted behavior, such as jumping on people or barking excessively, we focus on teaching the dog an alternative behavior that is rewarded, such as sitting or lying down.

Positive reinforcement-based training is a humane and effective way to train dogs. It is based on the understanding that dogs learn best through positive experiences and rewards. When we reward a dog for good behavior, we are reinforcing that behavior and encouraging the dog to repeat it.

This training method is not only effective, but it is also enjoyable for both the dog and the owner. Dogs learn faster and are more willing to learn when they are having fun and being rewarded for their efforts.

Positive reinforcement-based training is used for basic obedience training, as well as behavior problems such as separation anxiety, fear, and aggression.

Not sure which service is right for you?

Get your puppy off to a pawsome start with our


Certified Trainers

Our trainers are CPDTA -KA certified and are members of the IAABC and ADPT.

Force Free and Fear Free

This means training in a way that alleviates fear, anxiety, and stress and improving an animal’s emotional wellbeing during the process.

Positive Reinforcement

We set both you and your dog up for success in all training programs so that learning is fun and achievable.

High Success Rate

Don’t trust us, read what our clients have to say.

New Puppy Specialists

We’re your puppy go-to guide from preparing for their arrival to their crazy adolescent months.

COVID-19 Virtual

We offer online zoom consults and programs for clients that wish to social distance or clients that live out of our service area.


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Niki Reiche

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Rocio Camarena

Joey and Olive (Mascots)




“ Lily of Good Dog Spot is absolutely amazing. I used other trainers to work with my high energy Malinois pup (3 years), but Lily was the first to come up with very effective solutions to various behavioral issues. She works with dogs on a behavioral level – she’s very intuitive and aware of what dogs need emotionally so they can respond to their environment appropriately…” Lizzy Waronker

“Lily has helped us so much. I have a much better UNDERSTANDING of our dogs and their behavior now. We’re using positive methods to train them rather than corrections and our dogs are so much happier. One of our dogs who seemed scared and withdrawn during training when we started has changed so much. Lily taught us to read them better and now he is more engaged and affectionate. He’s smiling, saggy and attention seeking. He’s happy to train, no more running away and even comes in from the backyard when called!!” Krista Kramer

“ We just had the first preparation session with Rocio (trainer) to prepare for the arrival of new puppy. We are so pleased with the guidance and information provided and feel much more prepared and confident to begin the journey with our new puppy.” Colette F.

“Lily is an absolutely knowledgeable and amazing trainer. She helped us with our extremely anxious rescue pup when we first got him, and did such a great job teaching us about his disposition, from how to respect his boundaries to recommending to see a vet behaviorist early on in our journey. Everything she helped us with was instrumental in our pups progress – we can’t thank her enough!” Myles T.

“Rocio is wonderful and an effective trainer of us so we can help our pup be all she can be!!!” Ellen P.

Pasadena Pet Parents Love Us

“I can’t praise Good Dog Spot enough. Lily and Quinn were fantastic. We attended the 6 week course for Basic Manners. This group class was exactly what we needed. Our almost 2 year old American Bully knows a lot of basic cues but has a hard time performing them with distractions. In the first class, we had an orientation which really helped us prepare and eased some of my own anxieties. The second class we brought our dogs. Bumi was pretty nervous/anxious – which we did not anticipate, but Lily and Quinn were really understanding and kind. They gave us tips and worked with us to make Bumi more comfortable each class. Every week he got better and better. It was amazing to see his progress. In the home and on walks, Bumi seems more confident and it has grown our relationship with him. We are so thankful for the effort, empathy, and expertise that was shown by Lily and Quinn. I would highly recommend working with them.”


“Lily is WONDERFUL A true “Dog Whisperer” we didn’t even recognize our dog when she first arrived as he automatically followed all her commands. She has shown us our bad habits (not our dog’s) and how to build up to the difficult parts (like control out in the wilderness). Lily is gifted, flexible, and affordable and we highly recommend her “Puppy Package” is it worked great for us! Thanks so much Lily!”


“We recently adopted a 3 y/o pit and shepherd mix and wanted to do our best to get her trained with basic manners, loose leash walking, etc, AND we were looking for positive reinforcement training (no prong or e collars). I am SO glad we found Lily. She came to our home and trained our pup and us. She gives us real time feedback (even if we send her videos of us training when she’s not there), models the training with high value treats, emails suggestions, and is super easy to book and contact online. Additionally, our dog Violet absolutely adores her.

Our most recent example is that we couldn’t get her into her bagel bed, she wouldn’t stay or sleep in it. 2 ish days after Lily has come, it’s now become her favorite spot in the living room. (See photo:))

I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you, Lily!”