3 Fun Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day

There will be some days that both you and your dog will be singing “rain, rain go away.”

Rainy days can seem daunting and dreary, but they don’t have to be. Although, as humans, we all love a good lazy day indoors, our dogs need plenty of mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis to keep them happy and healthy. Usually a young adult dog needs at least 60 minutes of daily exercise plus a good amount of mental stimulation.

On rainy days it can be difficult to give your dog their dose of interaction. Luckily our trainers here at Good Dog Spot have come up with some great indoor activities that will allow both you and your pup to still have fun and expend some energy on a rainy day.

Our Top 3 Great Indoor Activities

1. Hide & Seek Scavenger Hunt

Tap into your dog’s hunter side and put their nose to the test. Place treats around the house and then tell your dog to find them. Try not to make them too easy either, you’ll be amazed at how good your dog can find treats when they put their mind to it. Add a fun twist to the game by putting yourself into the game. With or without treats in your pocket, hide while your dog isn’t looking. Call out to them once and then be very quiet. It won’t take very long for them to come find you. And once they do make a big deal about how awesome it was that they found you and how good of a job they did.

2. Obstacle Course

You don’t have to have a whole lot of space to make an obstacle course. Use chairs, pillows, couch cushions, brooms, and toys to make a course for them to dart through, jump over, duck under and retrieve. Teach them how to go through the course, then time them and see how fast they can do it. Making an obstacle course is the perfect rainy day activity. It includes both the mental and the physical aspects that dogs love and need. Give them plenty of positive reinforcement and then end the game with some treats for a job well done.

3. Puzzles and Food Toys

After a fun time playing hide and seek or running through an obstacle course, relax with some quality bonding. Treat your dog to an enriching boredom buster such as a puzzle toy or frozen kong to wind them down. This will keep them busy and mentally engaged for a good while. For some fun Kong recipes download our recipe sheet.

Just because the day is rainy, it’s doesn’t mean you or your dog needs to be bored. Create a day of fun while ensuring that your dog gets their daily requirements of mental and physical activity.



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