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I am a Certified Dog Trainer whose dog training career has centered on anxiety, aggression and reactive behavior in dogs. As a behaviorist, the ethology of dogs (science of animal behavior) plays an important role in my approach to behavior modification. I am a compassionate, fear-free and positive reinforcement dog trainer, with a dog’s overall emotional well-being being the primary focus in a behavior modification plan. I not only draw on the standard training tools such as classical conditioning, counter-conditioning and de-sensitization, but also include enrichment and confidence building components to my plans.

I am a member of the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) and APDT (Association of Dog Trainers) and attend webinars, courses, and conferences regularly to keep educated and relevant.

Courses and Achievements:

“In the blink of an eye: Responding to Dog Bites-Before, During and After”. John Caponetta. 2024

Defining Aggression: Views from Biology, Psychology, and the Neurosciences”. Dr. Simon Gadbois. 2024

“Pain and Behavior: Learning How to Recognize and Understand Pain in Dogs.” Dr. Hannah Capon

“Holistic Approach to Dog Reactivity.”Dante Camacho

“Big Feelings: Supporting our Clients Living with Dog Reactivity. “

“Survival Skills: Coping with Dog Reactivity in Real Life”

“Canine Impulsivity and Fear.” Kristina Spaulding

“Beyond the Bite: Crucial Consulting Skills for Working Aggression Cases”. Dr. Melanie Cerone

“Using Enrichment to Treat Aggression”

“Recognizing Pain in Dogs”. Dr. Debbie Torraca

“Mastercourse- Aggression in Dog”. Michael Shikashio

“The Science of Aggression”.Dr. Kristina Spaulding

“The Genetics of Aggression”.Dr. Jessica Hekman

Feel free to reach out for a more comprehensive list should you be interested.